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I am a Entrepreneur, Influencer, Motivational speaker, Educator, Mompreneur, Business Mogul, Business Start-up Consultant, Resource Generator, Restauranteur, Brand Master, Content Developer, Vlogger, Talk Show Host (In Filming), Woman, Black, International Business developer, Community Developer, Counselor, Registered Nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner, Wellness Planner, and Much more!!


My Latest Projects

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Frontier Family Clinic

This is a Owned and operated Nurse Practitioner practice that include home visits, telehealth visits, chronic disease management. Recently added a Family Clinic on the South Side of Chicago. 


This is a concierge practiced owned and operated by Nurse Practitioners that offer a "cash based" option for healthcare. For urgent, minor and chronic disease management at an affordable price. This practice does offer partnerships with other NPs and PAs in other states. Financing available. 

Big Mouth Steaks & Subs

The Cannabis NP
Preceptor Guru

This page is to promote and educate other medical professionals and the community about the use of medical marijuana. 

As well as advocate for fair and equitable practices in the industry. 

This is an all natural skin care and hair care line of products that are handmade. They also offer customizable ingredients. 

These products are amazing and wholesale deals can be made directly with the company. 

This concept was born form the difficulties faced my nurse practitioner students that needed to secure a training site. 

More to come.....